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RagTagd now available at LW Reid

Is lost property a headache at your school? Reduce the stress, and the tubs of lost property, with Ragtagd, an innovative tagging system.

RagTagd provides an easy way of tracking items.By activating the unique code on a smart tag, parents will receive an SMS to notify them whenever their childs clothing has been found in Lost Property, helping families to recover them quickly.


Every school using RagTagd has a lost property sensor which detects when your Smart-Tagged item is in the lost and found. Parents receive a text message around 7:00am, the morning after it's arrived in lost property, making collection really easy.

Get in touch! We’ll take it from there 1300 LW REID (59 7343)

Parents simply send an SMS with their unique smart tag code (e.g. “MY1T4G”) to 0458 899 000 to activate - easy!!

No! Ragtagd is completely automated, staff and parents simply place the item into lost property as usual. The sensors work their magic so that you can enjoy a completely hands-off experience.

Parents receive a text message at about 7:00am the morning after it's arrived in lost property. This makes sure that it's fresh on your mind before school, making collection really easy.

The text message alert will have their unique Smart Tag ID number in it.

The new owners simply text the Smart Tag’s six digit code to the number specified on the tag, as one would for a first-time registration. The original owner then receives a text message to verify the transfer of ownership, which they can approve or decline. After approval, the ownership is then transferred to the new number.

Absolutely. Tags are completely passive, just like the credit card in your pocket.

Yes. They’re waterproof, flexible, and built to withstand at least 200 rough industrial washes, so they’re totally safe to put in your washing machine.