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Get Set, Go! It's Carnival Time

Swimming carnivals are a well-loved event on the school calendar but the frustration of keeping the kids protected from the sun is always a concern.  We’ve got some great options to keep the kids protected from our harsh Aussie sun while keeping the spirit of the carnival and healthy competition alive.  

Some of our products which shine at swimming carnivals are;

House Shirts - If you’re after sun protection after a swim or while spectating then our shirts will fit the bill.  Made from UPF rated fabric, the toughest choice you’ll have is choosing the design and colours.  Our Higgins Polo is popular as a house shirt as it has the benefit of a collar for when the sun is hitting your neck.  Our Wylie T-shirts are another great option for schools who are after a soft comfy t-shirt which is less formal for carnival days.

Hats - We have great options in hats but on swimming carnivals our microfibre gear is perfect.  Our Pemulwuy Surf Hat is made from water repellent microfibre so it can withstand  splashes and accidental dips in the pool.  If you’re after protection for the kids necks, then our Hargraves Legionnaire Cap is a must.

Bags- Our Petrie Bag is at home at swimming carnivals and is perfect for putting the wet gear in after the carnival.  If you need to keep notes and ribbons dry then our waterproof Petrie bag is a great addition to your uniform shop.

We're here to help you with your sports events and can embellish your shirts with your school logo and house names.  If you'd like any information on any of these products or making your school colourful on carnivals days then speak to one of our friendly customer sales team today, 1300 LW REID.


Posted in News By Natalie Schweikert