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Where can I get School Uniforms with Logos?

Customise your uniforms by adding your crest with Australia’s number one school uniform supplier, LW Reid.  


The school crest is like a school motto, it unites the school community creating a sense of pride and belonging.  There is nothing better than watching your students represent their school, proudly wearing your symbol on their chest.


Your team at LW Reid wants to help you shine by adding your school crest to your uniform.  We can screen print or embroider your crest onto library bags, backpacks, hats, shirts, jackets, jumpers, pants, shorts, skorts and more.  


Putting your crest on is a simple process and our team will help you every step of the way.  We can help you with setting up the artwork, placement and size of logo which are essential to a finished product as polished as your students.


You’re used to ordering online when time suits you best, think PJ’s, cuppa and when everyone’s in bed.  So, once your artwork is set up, you will be able to reorder your products with logos when your shelves are looking bare whenever you get the time to do so.


We love hearing your stories and recently McCallums Hill Public School joined our community and proudly added their crest to their uniforms; 


If you’re keen to SAVE and put money back into your school, take a tip from Jodie at Umina Public School;


Not sure where to start?  Check out our great information page full of answers.  Ready to get started?  Let us help you at  


It’s time to shine, let us add your crest so your school looks their best all year round.


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