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Make a Splash at the Swimming Carnival

There's nothing like the excitement of a swimming carnival with fierce competing, house chants and great sportsmanship all on display.  At LW Reid we love being part of your community and designing house uniforms is something we do with a passion.

We've got a great range of products cut out to do the tough job of competing in carnivals.  Whether it's parading around in house shirts, protection from the Aussie sun or keeping everything dry while the athletes take a plunge, we've got the lot.

We've got a great range of shirts to set your teams apart.  Both our Higgins Classic Plain Polo and Wylie Classic T-Shirt offer great sun protection with their UPF rated fabric.  The Higgins is a great choice for added protection and variety of colours.  The flick of a collar adds more sun protection for the kid's neck and the 25 colours

The Higgins Classic Plain Polo is a great choice for added sun protection and when you're after a large variety of colours.  The flick of a collar adds more sun protection for the kid's neck and the 25 colours so we definitely have the colour you're after.

Our Wylie is a soft classic t-shirt for looks great and is ready to make your mark.  Available in 13 colours, your teams will love the comfort of this classic t-shirt.

Our coordinating microfibre products are perfect by the pool.  Made from soft water repellent microfibre means a little splash of water will dry in no time at all, perfect for these hot days!  

Our Ross Microfibre shorts are a great choice.  Soft and comfortable to wear, you can keep your houses in order and looking smart in the best gear.

We have a number of microfibre hat options to keep the sun at bay.  Our new Baker Legionnaire Cap has proven to be a winner with classic neck protection and is available in a large number of house colours.  Our 

Our Gosse Microfibre Bucket Hat and Pemulwuy Microfibre Surf Hat both stay put when the cheers take off.  A crown cord makes sure these hats stay on heads all day.

Finally, our Petrie Excursion Bag is the perfect bag to carry wet gear in or to keep the lunches dry.  This waterproof bag loves all kinds of outings so is a great addition to your range.

If we can help you make a splash or take the plunge and branch out in some new gear, then reach out to us as 1300 LWREID or  We're looking forward to all the action poolside this year.

Posted in News By Natalie Schweikert