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Make it Yours, InDent it!

Introducing Indent ordering.  Indent orders mean you can now enjoy more of our range in the colours you love and the sizes you need.

Simply order a minimum 150, in multiples of 5, of the same garment in the colour you love and enjoy our stock price for these items.  Delivery for your indent orders will be 8-12 weeks so jump online and get winter uniforms sorted.

Now you can enjoy our Saunders Boys’ Sports Shorts (5336LR), Withnell Girls Sports Shorts (3336LR), New Tebbutt Polar Fleeced Lined Microfibre Jacket (5982PJ) in more sizes and school colours.  

Our Flexiwaist range has just increased its flexibility.  The flexiwaist on these garments help meet the growing demands of children, but the flexiwaist range has now expanded its colour and size range through Indent Orders.  You’ll love being able to enjoy our McRae Day Jacket (5337DJ), Zadow Girls Flexiwaist Pants (3805HP), Higinbotham Boys Flexiwaist Trouser (5805FT) and Smith Flexiwaist Skirt (3803FS) in a rainbow of school colours.

Indent ordering introduces a new range of colours and sizes to our already great products.  If you would like to find out what’s more to love about Indent orders contact your account manager or our customer service team on 1300 LWREID or email

Expand your horizons with our Indent colour options.


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