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Petrie Excursion Bag

Discover the excitement of keeping things neat and tidy for excursions and more with our Petrie Excursion bag.  The great new low price makes this bag even better for more than just excursions, it's also great for keeping home readers safe from banana explosions.

When you're heading out of the classroom for the day, and don't need to carry the usual load of books and papers, this excursion bag provides a low cost, lightweight option, large enough to hold A3 sheets with room to spare.

A simple pouch with an adjustable draw cord, the Petrie excursion bag is made of waterproof polyester oxford. It features a screen printed name patch which can be written on using any waterproof marker, providing a clear, easily visible name tag to make it a snap to find your own in the stack.

Order a sample of our Petrie today and discover the fantastic opportunities this bag has to offer.  Order online or contact us at or 1300LWREID



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