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Ransford Sports Bag

When you’re packing for sports, you have some pretty specific requirements – plenty of length, plenty of width, and then more room still for the extra gear that’s inevitably required every other game.

Designed to carry all the gear needed for a solid day of competition, the Ransford Sports Bag features a large main compartment with separate storage at both ends. Designed to play hard and outlast the competition, it has reinforced handles, a hard floor board and foot stops to prevent unnecessary wear. Made from waterproof oxford polyester, this bag will keep your kit dry in any weather. An adjustable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry, and a large external name tag makes it simple to pick your bag out from the scrum. 

Capacity 48 Litres
Length 55cm
Width 29cm
Depth 30cm


Posted in Products By Natalie Schweikert