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Happy P&C Day!

LW Reid and P&C Federation of NSW has a strong bond.  In 1922, both LW Reid and the P&C Federation were established.  Since then we have worked hard with many P&C organisations to ensure their students look and feel their best whilst at school all day.

P&C's are the backbone of the school.  They make sure the students look their best in their uniforms and fundraise to ensure their schools have the best resources and opportunities for their students.

At LW Reid we love working with P&C's.  Their passion and enthusiasm for their communities is addictive.  We love hearing about the playground equipment, workshops at school, books, instruments and all of the wonderful projects P&C's get off the ground.

Last week we had the honour of meeting some fantastic P&C members at the NSW P&C Federation Conference.  Of course, we loved hearing how LW Reid is the best supplier for school uniforms but we also loved hearing how much money you all raise from your uniform shops, that was amazing!

We would like to thank every P&C member on their unwavering support for their schools and for contributing so much to their communities.  We would like to congratulate all of the nominees for NSW P&C Volunteer of the year and say a huge congratulations to Katherine Mullen from Castle Hill Public School for becoming NSW P&C Volunteer of the year! 

From our community to yours, Happy P&C Day!



Posted in News By Natalie Schweikert