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Find Yourself in a Library

You know the best way to avoid library fines is by protecting books in a library bag.  Did you know we have 4 great options for doing just that?  

Our Lawson Waterproof Library Bag is a favourite with librarians and families.  Made from durable waterproof fabric, our Lawson ensures no science experiments are made on your books.

Lawson Library Bag

Our Furphy Calico Bag is the perfect bag to make it your own.  Get out the fabric markers and let your artistic side take over.  These bags are perfect for fundraising and keeping individual personalities on display.

Furphy Calico Library Bag

Our Petrie Excusion Bag is a great option for library and excursion days.  Made from durable waterproof fabric this bag deflects splashes at the swimming carnival and squashed bananas in the bottom of school bags.

Petrie Excursion Bag 

Our Daley Cotton Canvas Library Bag is a simple fuss free way of carrying library books, notes to the office or brochures at a conference.  Discover any of our library bags for free with our sample program. 

Daley Cotton Canvas Library Bag

Find yourself in a library this week for Library and Information Week.


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