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Leonora District High School Celebrates NAIDOC Week

NAIDOC week is a much celebrated and loved week of activities and connection to the indigenous culture in our communities.  This year Leonora District High School decided to take things one step further by holding an artwork competition for their students.  The winning artwork would be proudly worn by every student at the school as well as the dancers.

Once the school had decided on the winning entries Jemima worked closely with Lucia, Sales Manager and LW Reid’s Art Department to make sure that the shirts were just right.

Jemima, presenting the first polo to the winning artist

 The excitement built as the winning artist was presented with the first shirt.  After that, the whole school were able to wear their polos for Naidoc Week celebrations.  The school successfully applied for a government grant to assist in the purchase of these shirts.  What a great initiative Jemima and her team embraced to ensure Leonora District High School enjoyed the celebrations as a whole community.

If you’d like to have a special design screenprinted then here are some tips from Lucia to make your original designs stand out from the crowd.

  • Your Artwork can have a maximum of 3 colours

  • Design an artwork that will show up and make a statement when screenprinted.  Fine lines and sketchy details won’t look as great as strong lines and larger details.

  • Ensure you’ve got enough time, allow up to 3 weeks for delivery once artwork is approved

  • Choose a garment colour that will make your design pop.  Ask for swatches of colours so you can make the best choice.

  • Work alongside your sales manager, they’ve got great tips to make sure you get the right product.

If you’d like more information about screenprinting, requesting a sample or setting up artwork then contact our friendly team on 1300 LWREID.

Congratulations Leonora District High School on a winning design!


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