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Harper, An Aussie Tennis Legend

Sylvia was strong, determined and unrivalled, it's easy to see why we named our latest dress after her, Harper Polo Dress.  Sylvia was born in 1895, she was rise through the tennis world showing her skill, talent and determination in every match.

Sylvia won the Australian Championships singles title in 1924.  In 1927 and 1930 she would take to the court and once again reach the finals, however she lost at these matches.

Harper also won the Women's doubles titles in three consecutive years at the Australian Championships in 1923, 1924 and 1925. As Sylvia was smashing out history on the court, in Daking House, Sydney Lesley Winter Reid was starting our history as LW Reid. 

In 1924, Sylvia Harper was ranked World number 10 in Women's tennis.  In 2018, at LW Reid we celebrate over 95 years in business and continue to be inspired by many Aussies adding their story to our nation's history

Posted in News By Natalie Schweikert