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Festival of Instrumental Music

For the past 3 terms students from all over NSW have been practising music pieces under the guidance of the Arts Unit and hundreds of teachers around our state.  There was a common goal; to pull it all together for one night at the Opera House.  

For our family this meant listening to the many squeaks in the early days, to listening to magical pieces being played on the recorder by our 10 year old daughter.  She, along with thousands of other students and teachers had given up lunch times to practice as a group.  The excitement grew with each new bar learnt and the time just seemed to disappear.

The day arrived and the kids hopped on the bus, I trust the teachers had earplugs because you could hear the excitement from outside.  We got our own way to Sydney and met them at pick up after the rehearsal.  Every student and teacher involved in the Festival of Instrumental Music wore their t-shirt, as Miss 10 said, it was their ticket to the concert, but it was more than that, much more.

The absolute pride in every child, teacher’s and family’s eyes that day was intoxicating.  The giddy squeals of our school kids on the steps of the Opera House was something I'll never forget.  The joining of over 69 schools coming together for the first time that day to rehearse their pieces was a remarkable achievement for the Arts Unit and every school involved.

The concert was amazing.  As the York March began, tears of pride and joy sparkled in my eyes.  These kids blew us away with their talent.  Every one of those 1200 kids in the concert hall were united as one, no matter where they came from.  The T-shirts showed they were together, forever connected by this one night in the Opera House Concert Hall.  Communities in action, united and amazing.

As a parent I thank everyone involved in these festivals.  For giving our NSW public school students an opportunity to connect and make magic with perfect strangers. If this is what music can do imagine what these incredible students have set for the world, it can only be great.

LW Reid is proud to be part of communities around Australia.  We noticed that many of our schools were involved in these festivals and we would like to congratulate you all on an outstanding achievement.


Posted in News By Natalie Schweikert