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Introducing the Class of 2018

Introducing our Class of 2018.  All of these products have received Merit awards for continuously supporting students throughout their day, innovation in design and technology and for diversity through expanding colour range.

Welcome to 2018 Sheppard Reversible House Hat, Coates Plain Polo, Saunders Sport Shorts, Wood Side Panel Sports Polo, Duffield Side Panel Sports Polo, Perry Sport Skort, Watson Sport Skort with Contrast Piping, Creswell Sport Shorts, Reedman Sport Shorts with Contrast Piping, Ross Microfibre Shorts, Flack Microfibre Straight Leg Track Pants, and Harper Polo Dress.

Sheppard Reversible House Hat

Coates Plain Polo


Saunders Sports Shorts  

Wood Side Panel Sports Polo 




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